09:00 Uhr <b>Einlass und Registrierung</b>
09:30 Uhr <b>Grußbotschaften<br /></b>Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr.<b> Harald Hundsberger</b> (Vizerektor IMC FH Krems)<br />Prof.(FH) <b>Reinhard Beikircher</b>, MAS (Departmentleitung Health Sciences)<br />LH-Stv. Mag.&nbsp;<b>Wolfgang Sobotka<br /></b><b>Einführung in die Tagung<br /></b>Prof.(FH) Priv.Doz. Mag. Dr. <b>Gerhard Tucek</b> (Forschungsbereichsleitung Department Health Sciences / Studiengangsleitung Musiktherapie)
10:00 Uhr <b>Jörg Fachner</b>&nbsp;(Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge)<br />„Biomarkers of music therapy process and effectiveness“
10:40 Uhr <b>Thomas Stegemann</b>&nbsp;(Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien)<br />„Stress, relaxation, and music – introducing a neurobiological model“
11:20 Uhr <b>Kaffeepause</b>
11:40 Uhr <b>Julian O'Kelly</b>&nbsp;(Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability &amp; Chroma, Great Britain)<br />„Music Therapy with Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness: in Retrospect and Prospect“
12:20 Uhr <b>Julia</b><b>&nbsp;Vogl</b>&nbsp;(IMC FH Krems, Universität Wien) &amp; <b>Astrid Heine</b> (IMC FH Krems, Neurologische Rehabilitation Kittsee)<br />An anthropological perspective on music therapy research and practice in neurological rehabilitation
13:00 Uhr <b>Mittagspause</b>
14:00 Uhr <b>Minna Huotilainen&nbsp;</b>(CICERO Learning Network, University of Helsinki and at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)<br />„Music in our life - learning and re-learning“
14:40 Uhr <b>Nikolaus Steinhoff</b>&nbsp;(Neurologische Rehabilitation Kittsee)<br />Music Therapy and Neurorehabilitation
15:20 Uhr <b>Kaffeepause</b>
15:40 Uhr <b>Sumaty Sundar </b>(Chennai School of Music Therapy)<br />The role of traditions in the therapeutic relationship maintained by the therapist and the clinet during the music therapy process
16:20 Uhr <b>Anna Bukowska</b> (University of Physical Education, Krakow)<br />Influence of Music Therapy to improve activity level in Parkinson's disease patients
17:00 Uhr <b>Get together</b>